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Four business field

Sales Business

This division provides a comprehensive value to manufacturing customers by handling a wide variety of control equipment, electrical equipment, electronic components, industrial machinery, measuring instruments, and machine tools.
In recent years, the handling of overseas manufacturers has increased, and we will offer the suitable products in term of performance and cost.

Harness Business

When compared to humans, the role of harnesses in industrial machinery is an important part of blood vessels and nerves. In today’s industrial machinery, products are becoming more and more smaller size and require advanced processing technology.
From mass-production harnesses which cost is important, to multi-product which has low-volume with short delivery, we will achieve cost and stable supply to combine overseas production and domestic production with manpower and skilled techniques quality.
★We could support UL wiring harness program.

Metal processing

We can handle from a multi-product which has low volume to lot production, mainly precision processing parts for industrial robots and special machines.
Our strength is to respond to short delivery times from rapid start-up and increase production by making use of China's manpower production system.
In addition, by dispersing production plants in a vast country, we realize a stable supply in preparation for unexpected situations such as natural disasters.

Control panel and installation construction business

We consistently handle control panel design, production and wiring work.
We cover various devices, such as multi-axis control machines using NC devices, processing machines and transport equipment using PLC, and control panels with electrical drawings, mainly machine tools, industrial machinery, and various special machines.
In addition, we will correspond to the renewal of the production line and the renewal work of PLC.

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