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Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness Manufacturing in KOWA INDUSTRIES

Business Items

  • Business Type: Industrial Machinery (Factory Automation), Vehicle Installation, Consumer, Amusement, Medical Equipment, and others
  • Selling Points: Wide-variety and Small-quantities manufacturing, Quick delivery, Robot cable, Mass production, Foreign Manufacturing

Great deal of equipment and stock

  • Number of Holding Crimping Terminal Applications (Amount of leading six suppliers)
    JST…462 AMP…421 MOLEX…166 JAE…90 HIROSE…89 Others…280
  • Wide-variety of in-stock Cable and Connector, Selling Parts and Accessories

Quality Control

  • Quality Control System Initiated by KOWA INDUSTRIES
  • Wealth of Database
  • Managed Outsourcing by using ”QC communication”
  • Variety of QC Activities

Many Subcontractors

  • Sunbig Co., Ltd (affiliated company ) and Total 17 Companies
  • UL Wiring Harnesses Certified 6 Companies
  • Many of Overseas Production Bases (China, Vietnam, Philippines, and others)

Backup System in the Office

  • Prompt Response by Wiring Harness Department Drawing Development, Drawing, Management, Management of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Factory Audit
  • Management System of Part’s Quality, Cost, Delivery